Legal Research


Statutory law of the Commonwealth of Virginia.
(Virginia counties, cities, and towns)
A guide to resources that can be used to compile a legislative history
(Oct. session 1792-Dec. session 1806 [ie 1807])
Compilation of permanent regulations that have the force of law. The online version is updated daily.
Texts of Virginia city and county codes available from the library.
Official publication of regulations. All regulations must be filed with the Registrar of Regulations for them to become law. The Virginia Register provides a snapshot of all regulatory activity happening in Virginia.
Source of information about proposed changes to Virginia's regulations, including a meeting calendar and board minutes. The site includes online comment forums and an email notification service.
Listing of Virginia's courts with information regarding online services, case status, court administration, judicial branch agencies and expenditures, directories, and forms. Opinions of the Virginia Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals (1995-present) and unpublished Court of Appeals opinions (2002-present).

United States

Bill summaries and status, public laws, House & Senate roll call votes, legislation by sponsor, committee reports, presidential nominations, and treaties.
Information regarding the U.S. Supreme Court, U.S. Court of Appeals, and U.S. District Courts.
Opinions of the U.S. Supreme Court 1760-present)
Includes the House and Senate calendars, congressional documents and hearings, congressional reports (1995-present), the Federal Register (1936-present), the digitized Congressional Record bound edition v. 1 (1873)-v. 160 (2014) and much more.
Access to published U.S. legal opinions, code and legal resources. Includes U.S. Reports, Federal Reporter First, Second, and Third series.
Use this resource to locate congressional reports, hearings, bills, laws, and much more. Includes full text access to: the U.S. Congressional Serial Set, including the American State Papers (1789-present), bills and laws (1970-present), vote report (1987-present), and the Congressional Record (1985-present). See govinfo for additional full-text hearings. For earlier documents see A Century Of Lawmaking (Library of Congress).


(Admin. Office of U.S. Courts)
Note: Federal courts have exclusive jurisdiction over bankruptcy cases. Bankruptcy cases cannot be filed in state court.
(Legal Services of Northern Virginia)
Official Virginia court forms for use in Virginia courts from Virginia's Judicial System website.
Provides legal forms for divorce, wills and estates, real estate, bankruptcy, landlord tenant, power of attorney, name change, business incorporation and more.
(Internet Legal Research Group)
Texts of state-specific legal forms. Forms can be copied and pasted into a word processing program.

Case Law and Additional Legal Resources

(Emory University School of Law)
Includes U.S. federal primary sources, U.S. state and local primary sources, foreign law and international sources, and secondary sources.
Provides free case law, codes, regulations, and legal articles. Includes U.S. Supreme Court cases since the 1700's, Federal Appeals Court cases since 1950, and numerous District Court opinions since 2004. Includes some Virginia content (case law and current and historical Code of Virginia volumes).
Includes opinions and case summaries for federal and state courts.
Provides access to freely available case law, statutes, regulations, court rules and more at the federal and state levels.